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March 15th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife

A little while ago on Twitter I made an exciting declaration:

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Now, I had been reading up about potty training and asking people for tips and trying to figure out the psychology of it all, so I thought I would write about it here. What did we do that finally worked?


The best advice I listened to was the advice that told me that every kid is different and you can trust them to know when it’s time.

I got a little frustrated a while ago and I told her that once we finished the box of diapers we were working on I wasn’t going to buy any more, because I knew that she was capable of using the potty.

That backfired.

Not only did she cry and demand diapers, she had accidents and I was afraid to leave the house with her in underwear.

So I bought more diapers, and we asked every day if she wanted to wear a diaper, a Pull-Up or underwear, and we let her do what she wanted. I would ask throughout the day if she needed to go, and she would say yes or no. Often after she got up in the morning and we would go to the bathroom together. And then it all started coming together.

The day she just stopped what she was doing, walked to the potty and went – that was truly awesome. My jaw dropped.

Suddenly she wears underwear most days, and even when she’s wearing a Pull-Up she uses the potty instead of treating it like a diaper.

After the questions and the stress and the frustration, she trained herself. Now she’s working on getting her dolls on the potty.

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