After writing my post on the documentary and the fear that my daughter might be bullied I took another step back and thought about it some more.

What if my daughter is the bully?

We’ve had some problems already. While she was at daycare she used to get time outs for pushing a little boy. One day we had a play date at our house and she was mean to the little girl the entire time she was here. I told her it was not okay.

What would happen if we got reports back from school that our kid was the one making another child feel like less than nothing? It seems like so many parents react badly or lay blame somewhere else.

I’d have to take a step back, breathe and let myself believe it. Believe that my daughter could be the cruel one.

We would have to have some serious talks about empathy and appropriate behaviour. There would be apologies to the other child, to the school and teachers, to all her classmates for making their environment something that it shouldn’t be.

Honestly, I don’t know how you fix such a thing or discover the reasons behind the behaviour, but we certainly would do everything we could think of to stop it and turn it around.

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