Next week I turn 32 and I’m sad to say that I still have trouble feeding myself. I’m quite pathetic really.

I’ve never been good at breakfast. Never. I’ve tried all sorts of tricks and advice. The best I’ve ever done was oatmeal and an apple every morning before I left work last year. I had a great routine: Get to work, go into my office and put my stuff down, grab my oatmeal, take the newspapers to the boardroom and spread them out, grab my copies, walk to the kitchen and microwave my oatmeal, head back to my office and get started (log in, open five tabs, a Word doc, email… I miss my morning routine).

Our routine now varies, but usually starts with a bit of camping out in bed, kid gets a snack and some milk and I get my coffee. Sometimes I manage to eat something myself, sometimes it’s cookies.¬†Another problem with being at home is the constant snacking. I have access to whatever I want here, I have a full kitchen, I can run out and get something I’m craving.

I snack through the day, often skip lunch. One thing that has gotten much better since I started staying home with the kid is dinners. We have a plan, I have time to cook and we don’t end up opting for take out half as often as we used to.

Still, my metabolism is thoroughly screwed up at this point in my life, and I have PCOS which means insulin resistance.

I’m enjoying going to the weight room, I’m getting my exercise, I’m moving my body, but the food…

The food has to be fixed.

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