We’ve been dealing with this whole thing where the kid doesn’t want to let me out of her sight. When I’m gone she’s usually fine, but she doesn’t deal well with the leaving part of things. That part of things seems to be getting better (assuming I’m not jinxing it right now), but there’s a new problem.

I have always had the kid in activities. She’s taken swimming, music classes with Daddy, gymnastics, skating, soccer, t-ball, anything I thought she might like. Right now she’s in a sports class on Saturdays that one of us does with her, a skating class on Saturdays that Daddy does with her and a gymnastics class on Tuesdays that she does by herself.

The past few weeks we have seen the same issue with every one of these classes – we talk about the class, we get ready, she’s excited and then at some point between getting in the car and arriving at the class she doesn’t want to do it any more.

I’ve tried different tactics, I’ve tried to push, I’ve said okay, I’ve told her that I’m angry, that I’m disappointed that she didn’t want to try. I’ve told her that I love watching her, we talk about how much fun she has – which she does.

I’ve been talking to other moms about this problem and quite a few have suggested that maybe it’s time to give up, save the money, time and aggravation, and try again when she’s a bit older. That’s the approach we took with preschool, but this time I’m not so sure.

The fact is that this kid is a ball of energy. She’s always going. It almost seems as though getting exercise just feeds her energy. Thanks to Sara we have one way of burning a bit at home when she gets out of control…


But casual play is just not enough to wear her out before she wears me out, and in the winter I can’t always send her outside to play or take her out to a park, which was such a great thing for us in the summer.

This is such a hard thing because it feels almost like a watershed moment in motherhood – do I become the mom that pushes her to try or the one that takes a step back and waits for her?

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