I’m not very good at love. I have trouble saying ‘I love you’ to my husband. I have trouble demonstrating it.

I am very lucky. Joe just sort of came into my life and started loving me more than I ever could have imagined. He thinks all the best things of me, even on my very worst days.

He cooks when I don’t feel like it, he takes out the garbage and empties the dishwasher – two of my least favourite chores. (In exchange I have done all the cleaning of bathrooms for the past seven years).

The best thing I have done to show my love for Joe has, of course, been the daughter I carried and birthed. In exchange, I got a whole whack of love in return. He convinced me that I would be a good mother, and he was right.

I’m not sure why Joe chose me. I tried to stop him.

But here we are.


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