We moved in to this house in May. We painted the kid’s room, we painted an accent wall in the bedroom, and we added our own pictures and artwork, moved in our furniture. We live here, it’s our home, but lately I’ve been looking around and realizing that I’m still in rental mindset.

When we unpacked I put things in their place and haven’t really shuffled anything since, even though there are problems with clutter and the kitchen just isn’t quite working.

I’m not sure how to start making our mark on this place that will be our home for the next few decades (I hope), but I want to start something.

I have grand plans for our entryway. I want it organized and efficient. Dammit.

Joe has visions for the backyard, which I’m sure he will eventually explain to me in full. I know he wants to put in new patio stones, and we need something that throws shade.

We both want to put chairs out on the front stoop. The kid and I spent a couple of summer afternoons hanging out out there and it was really nice. I like the idea of being able to sit on our front step with my laptop, waiting for the school bus to come. Two beautiful wood chairs and a table for my coffee.

I know that there will probably always be things I want to change, and that things I want to change will change through the years, but right now I think I’ve reached the point where we’re settled. The idea that we’re not moving, this is our place, we’re growing here and the house can grow with us.

Now I just need to slow down my thinking because we’ve got some time.

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