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New Month

January 31st, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

Not exactly New Year’s, but it’s something…

In the spirit of 2013 I’m trying to challenge myself, take on new projects, build a business, et cetera,¬†et cetera. I am trying to read more again this year and am once again keeping a list of the books I read on this site. I want to read more books this year than last, and since the reading I did last year reminded me what a wonderful thing it is to read, it shouldn’t be a problem. I also want the kid to see me reading more. She loves books and I want her to keep loving books. I’ve got a good starter pile here and a long wish list on…

Since I’ve been at home with the kid I’ve been struggling to come up with activities and keep her entertained, especially since the winter started. I also haven’t been knitting as much as I would like or learning to sew like I said I would. All of these things happen to be the subject of many, many of my pins on Pinterest. Rather than let those pins just sit there, I’ve decided to try and do at least one thing from Pinterest every week. I’ve tried a lot of the recipes I’ve found there, but my Did It board focuses on crafts and do-it-yourself types of things. (Today we made play dough and it was easy and awesome).

Of course this year I am once again trying to get healthy. I have set a goal to lose two pounds a week from mid-January through to my annual physical in May. This will involve diet changes, and trying a lot of new things. We’ve got a three month membership to our city’s rec centres and I’m going to throw myself in to a bunch of classes and see what I like. Maybe I’m a Zumba girl, who knows? (My lack of coordination would imply otherwise, but I’ll have a go).


So, 2013? All out self improvement. Health, Learn and Open.

Also? Smart. Money smart, food smart, book smart.

Do it up.

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