Today CBC Radio had two discussions about women in politics (First on Ottawa Morning, then on Ontario Today). As I watched commentary on Twitter about these discussions I noted several people asking why the panel of three female politicians on the Ottawa Morning panel (Katherine Hobbs from Ottawa’s city council, Madeleine Meilleur, an Ontario MPP, and Megan Leslie a federal MP) didn’t include a mother.

I wrote a post on Absolute Equality about the lack of young mothers in federal politics, but the whole discussion has me thinking – Has being a mother changed my perspective or opinions?

All my life I have believe in social programming. I believe in state funding for equal access to health care and education. I believe that those who have should contribute to provide for those who have not. I believe that daycare and early childhood education should be priorities. I was pro-choice before I got pregnant and I still am.

I was a social democrat before I ever thought of really being a mother, I’m a social democrat today.

My daughter reminds me every day why I think we need to focus on the future, but I felt that way long before she was born because I read about the studies that showed early intervention can change society, reduce crime rates, lower teen pregnancy rates, all the good stuff. My daughter makes me think twice about my decisions and drives me to be more vocal about those things I believe.

The same way my kid is being raised to be a proud Canadian, a Sens fan and a lover of all that is Muppet, I hope she will be a social democratic, I hope that she will take an active interest in our politics and the world around her.


I will continue to support women entering politics, I will continue to root for gender parity and greater diversity in our parliament, but I’m wondering if motherhood needs to enter the equation.

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