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January 24th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife

Right now the kid is sicker than she has ever been. It’s the flu, or we’re pretty sure anyway, I talked to the nurse at our doctor’s office.


She was sick when she was really little once. I was a new mother and totally unprepared. Our thermometer didn’t work and we didn’t have any pedialyte in the house. I called Telehealth Ontario and I felt like a tool for not being ready for the worst. Now that she’s three and has come down with the flu, we have Children’s Tylenol, we have a working thermometer.

We’ve been very lucky to get to three without anything more serious than a cold, but this flu has hit her hard. Her whole body is hot to the touch and she’s obviously achy. Just changing her diaper yesterday resulted in inconsolable crying from having to move around so much. Sometimes she starts crying about something that doesn’t make any sense (like the fact that she wants to go to space but she doesn’t know how to get there).

It’s hard to explain to her that she’s sick and she will get better, and it’s very hard to keep her still and resting and hydrated.The nurse told us that she is extremely contagious, which means that she can’t go to daycare this week or her sports class on Saturday, or her skating lesson. I also need to figure out how to disinfect the entire house.

This flu we have to be very careful with. The nurse told me we have to pay very close attention because it could turn to pneumonia. A lot of kids have been ending up in the hospital, at least one near Toronto has died. I will do my part by keeping my kid inside and trying to keep her entertained for the seven days the nurse suggested.

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