As Joe has written, we don’t shy away from being naked in front of our daughter… for now. As her mother it is not unusual for me to say ‘I have to go to the bathroom,’ and for her to say ‘okay’ and follow me in. Not long ago she looked up at me and said ‘what are those?’ to which I got to reply ‘my breasts.’

This led to her asking if she would be getting breasts. I told her yes, in a few years she will, and the conversation ended there… for now.

Meanwhile I watched the episode of Parenthood from last week, with Christina and Adam trying to explain to their son Max that puberty has started and he needs to take more frequent showers.

When I think back to popular culture when my hormones started throwing their weight around, I remember a lot of girls dreaming about their periods and upset because other girls were “developing” and they were not. I remember Amanda on the series Ready or Not, who was so excited to get her first bra and even show the straps off.

I was the first girl in my class to wear a bra. It was not my choice, it was by necessity. I actually got an anonymous note in my locker telling me I needed one – I note I never told anyone about because I was so embarrassed. After receiving that note I allowed my mother to take me to take me to shop for a bra – one bra. I wore it. I hated it, but I wore it.

As I have aged I have changed a bit. I am now much more comfortable with a bra than without, and I have learned the importance of a properly fitted bra. I’m glad of this change, primarily because I’m more comfortable now with these appendages, and also because I can walk my daughter through her development with that knowledge.


Now that I’m settling into the idea of puberty, in my usual forward-thinking way, I need to continue to encourage her use of the potty.

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