My husband and I both have vague visions of our daughter competing for Canada in some sport or another … *Cough*hockey*Cough*…

She always moving and she seems to truly enjoy being active. She’s told me more than once she wants to be an acrobat when she grows up.

If she ever does shine at the Olympics for this country that she will surely love as much as both her parents, who chose the maple leaf as the symbol for their first tattoos years before they met each other, man oh man are we going to have great stories to tell during the proud parent interviews.

We’re still working on potty training – During the day she denies ever having to go, but at night when she’s trying to avoid bedtime it’s all she wants to do – and we’ve come up with different rewards for potty success. These days when she goes she demands her medal – a circle of sparkly paper hung on a ribbon that goes around her neck. She stands on her stool with her medal and Daddy and I stand and sing the national anthem.

Honestly, that’s what we do.

She loves it, and if TSN ever asks me for a funny story from her childhood that relates somehow to her sports career, there it is.

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