Three years in to this whole parenting thing I’m still learning. Almost every day I learn something new about myself or about my kid or about parenting. There are good days and bad days, but every bad day has its good and every good day has its bad.

Around the kid’s birthday I spend time remembering and reflecting and there are things I know I would do differently if I started over again. I don’t miss her being a baby, but there are definitely things I would change.

1) I would be better at being pregnant

I was a terrible pregnant lady. I was uncomfortable almost all the time and I didn’t do anything to help myself. If I were pregnant again I would do pre-natal yoga classes, and walk more, and eat a whole lot better. The idea of being pregnant better almost makes me want to do it again.

2) I would educate myself about breastfeeding as someone with PCOS

It took my milk five days to come in and when I pumped it seemed to take forever to get even 2 oz for her to drink. No one told me until after the fact that my hormone issues could cause these problems or that I could have done anything about it before I gave birth.

3) I would just be with her more

I love my toddler, I love this stage more than the baby stage, but there is one thing that I really miss: When she used to fall asleep on my chest. There is something so peaceful about just sitting with your infant sleeping on you, smelling them and kissing their head and watching them. I really don’t think I spent enough time just holding her and just being with her. I’m not very good at doing one thing at a time, but I’m trying to focus more on just me and just her.

4) I would wear her more

I had a sling but I never felt comfortable that I was doing things right. All I could picture was tying her on me and starting to move and having her fall right out. I could have asked questions, found the right carrier and gotten comfortable but instead I carried around that stupid heavy bucket.

5) I would comb her hair more often 

My kid inherited my sister’s hair, which means it grows out straight and then starts to curl and wave around her ears. This means that the back of her neck is one big knotty zone. She hates having her hair combed and I think if I had started earlier it wouldn’t be such a big deal to try and do it every night. I keep telling her to talk to her Auntie about what a pain it can be if you don’t do it.

6) I would hone my snowball fighting skills

Kid had surprisingly good aim.


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