I have totally fallen down on my exercise. I have been trying and wanting to get back to it and something always gets in the way.

I always let something get in the way.

2013 will be my year of making the touch choice now so I feel better later.

This week I start a yoga class. Next week I start a belly dancing class. The treadmill is calling me. Our meal planning is going steady.

My goal by the end of this year is to feel fit. It’s been years since I’ve felt fit, since I could climb stairs without thinking about my breath, since I felt healthy. The healthiest I ever was, I think, was the year I worked retail. Walking home from work, carrying things around all day, on my feet, running up and down stairs helping people. I was 20.

This year I turn 32. I have a 3 year old that I’m desperate to keep up with. I want to play in the snow with her, and pull her along on her sled. I want to take her out with her new bike and be able to run behind her.

The last time I pushed myself I tried to run. I had friends who were trying and learning to love running, my father used to run marathons, it felt like something I should be doing. But the truth is I hate running. I’m a walker. I walk fast and I enjoy the fresh air, I can take the dog with me, I can blast my music and lost myself.

So, I will go for more walks. I will do my yoga, I will dance and sweat and make a fool of myself in my belly dancing class.

I will try.

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