As the parent of a small child I am constantly on the lookout for children’s TV shows that I don’t hate. It makes it so much easier to sit and watch a show and interact with my kid if I don’t want to throw the television out the window.

There is quite a mix of children’s programming that we have access to and it falls into three categories: shows she likes that I don’t, shows I like that she doesn’t and the rare and unusual – shows we both enjoy. I hate Bubble Guppies, Max and Ruby is not allowed in our home, Caillou is nit going to teach my kid how to whine. on the other hand, i like The Secret World of Benjamin Bear more than she does. This third category includes Special Agent Oso, Doc McStuffins, The Backyardigans, Toopy and Binoo and the latest addition, Pocoyo.

I think the kid discovered Pocoyo while watching YouTube videos and she kept watching more. The show is Spanish and British, which means you can watched it in Spanish or English – a much nicer Spanish than Dora. (And some of the English ones are narrated by Stephen Fry – bonus). The shows is about Pocoyo, a young boy, and his friends, who include Elly the elephant, Pato the duck, Lula the dog, Fred the octopus, and there are more.

Since we started watching more of the show I downloaded a Pocoyo app that features a Pocoyo that repeats what you say to him, which is the funniest thing ever, judging by the giggles that ensue.

She loves the music and dancing, she likes the characters. I love the simplicity – colourful characters, each with their own personality, on a white backdrop. The lessons in each episode vary from ‘it can be fun to get dirty while you play’ to ‘you can’t just throw your garbage anywhere.’ There was even an episode in which Elly learned that there are things you can’t do in high heels. It was a little weird, but I like that too.

My kid already knows there’s nothing wrong with being a little goofy.

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