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Three small words

December 29th, 2012 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

Starting the new year off with the three words I will try to use to define 2013 is as good a way as any to remind myself that new beginnings lie ahead. Last year I chose progress, faith and tough, and I’m not sure how I feel about those now.

This year my first word has to be health. My mental and physical health have been suffering bumps and bruises for a long time now and focus strays. I will try to focus on health, my own mental and physical health and that of my family. I will try to get the exercise that I know can improve both and I will make sure some of that exercise is the active play my daughter longs for. I will cut the crap out of my life – the food and things that I don’t need. I will do all the writing, reading, walking, whatever that I need and want to.

My second word will be learn. I want to spend time learning myself and helping my kid, who has her own thirst for knowledge. We will read together and ask questions together. I will get down on the floor and draw with her. I will spell things out for her and answer her questions as best I can. When she asked questions we can both learn something. I will slow down and take time to focus on the work I want to do instead of wasting my time with the aforementioned crap.

My third word is open. Opening my mind, opening my schedule, opening my heart a little more. It’s so much easier to be closed but so much harder to be angry.

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