Some things that happened at your third Christmas that you might not remember:

  • It was our first Christmas in our new house, which hopefully will just be ‘home’ to you;
  • You spent more than an hour playing outside with your Auntie on Christmas Eve;
  • You woke up at 6:30 am on Christmas morning, which is actually late for you, and you even waited to go downstairs, like we asked you to, because Grandma had to go and pick up your great-grandfather, who very much wanted to watch you open presents;
  • You distributed the gifts. I handed them to you and you gave them to the people they were labelled for. You took a lot of pleasure in watching everyone open their gifts;
  • You and Daddy played a concert after all the presents were opened and you were dressed. You played the harmonica and he played the ukulele. It was pretty great;
  • You fell totally in love with the Play-Doh play set we got you, after waking up on Boxing Day you focused on that more than you’ve focused on anything, ever;
  • You wished everyone a Merry Christmas, multiple times, and
  • You got a lot of great presents but the most appreciated and most memorable will probably be your bike from Grampa Joe and a four days of daycare from Grandma and Grandpa. The dolls will be great friends and I’m looking forward to seeing which of your toys you eventually choose as that one that goes everywhere with you.

It was a great Christmas, the first one where you really understood what was going on and appreciated everything that happened. We had three full days of celebrations – our traditional Chinese food on Christmas Eve and then a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas ┬áby Daddy, a special brunch and then turkey on Christmas, and Boxing Day with the other half of my family. Maybe next year Daddy’s side of the family will get to visit us too, and we can update that family photo now that you look so much different than you did on your first Christmas.



And today, two days after Christmas, your Daddy built you a fort in the snow.

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