Our daughter has always been a talker. (She takes after her Daddy). Before she could even roll over she would lie in her playard and babble away. I loved sitting on the couch listening to her. She wakes up in the morning and always has stories to tell. She lies in bed at night talking to her stuffed toys and imaginary friends until she falls asleep. She’s very curious and she will ask us questions about things we’re doing, she asks us to confirm things for her, she asks us what other words start with a certain letter.

She’s like her Daddy in so many ways

I had, of course, heard about the ‘why’ phase. I had been expecting it, but I also wondered if maybe she had skipped over why to all the other questions she asks on a daily basis.

And then, this weekend, it came.

“Mommy, what are we doing?”

“Going to breakfast love.”


“Because we thought it would be nice.”


“Well, it’s been a while since we’ve done it and it’s something we enjoy.”


“Well, Daddy and I used to go out to breakfast all the time because it’s one of his favourite things to do.”



She would ask why when there was really no real way to answer the question. She would ask why until the only thing I had left to answer was ‘why not?’.

A little while ago I found a link to this book:

I ordered it as a gift for my husband and my daughter for Christmas, thinking it would be something they would both enjoy, but I opened the box last night.

We need a ‘why’ helper.

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