Changes are coming to our lives. Joe has been given a promotion at work and it’s going to make things easier and better for us –  I think.

Obviously our budget will be a little less strict, which will be nice.

The main difference, though, is that he won’t be travelling as much and when he does he will have more control over the scheduling of such things. He started travelling almost as soon as he started his job, and since then we’ve transitioned from me being pregnant, to me being on mat leave, to me being back at work and recently the travel has put a lot of strain on us. It’s a relief to know that in the new year what had become once a week travel will be easing off and we can get used to a routine again. Since Joe was away from last Sunday night to Thursday evening it’s even more clear the difference it will make.

It has been so hard watching the kid struggle with having her Daddy here and gone so much. Last week while he was in Calgary and then Boston she said more than once “I wish my Daddy didn’t leave.” It broke my heart.

She loves playing with her Daddy.

Another good thing happening in our family is a change in my medications. After struggling through the fall my doctor decided to switch my prescription and I’m feeling pretty good. Looking back at last week I think I did a good job as a mother and I feel good about the week even though Joe was away and I was handling so much of the work.

Moving towards Christmas things are looking up. I’ve got a new contract so I get some work in every day, the house is getting decorated and I’ve been doing some great cooking at baking which always makes me feel good. My health has been sitting on the backburner, but now maybe I can work up the energy to get back on the wagon and push myself, knowing that it will ultimately make me feel better and make it easier to keep doing it.

I’ve  also got a cozy new pair of pajamas, which always improves my outlook.


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