There are people I admire for the things they have done in their lives, people that I admire and want to learn from and people that I am inspired by – those people who have the strength to push through things I’m not sure I could handle.

Recently someone pointed me to the Google doodle for the day and I saw there a memory. A small tribute to a man I did admire and learn from, a childhood hero:

That’s Mr. Dressup. Ernie Coombs. He was an American who came to Canada and I watched him every morning growing up. He would tell stories and imagine great things and do arts and crafts. My mother actually told me when I was younger that she put me in afternoon kindergarten because she didn’t think I would go if I had to miss Mr. Dressup. Mr. Dressup and Casey and Finnegan were a part of my life. Soon after I found out I was pregnant I sought out the 3-DVD set of Mr. Dressup episodes so my daughter would watch too.

I remember in September 2001, still reeling from the events of the eleventh, finding out that Ernie Coombs had died. It seemed like everything that was magical was being pulled away for all this dark and scary stuff.

There are not a lot of physical things that could overwhelm me with emotion, but seeing the tickle trunk just might do it.

Thank you, Google, for adding a lovely bit of nostalgia to November 26 (and thank you for going with Casey and Finnegan for the doodle).


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