My favourite book is Something Rotten, which is the fourth in a series. The series is by Jasper Fforde and it’s about a woman named Thursday Next who lives in an alternate 1984 – at least, it’s 1984 when the first book starts.

Thursday has a pet dodo, her father doesn’t exist, her brother died in the Crimean War.

Jasper Fforde has a bizarre imagination.

I first found the first two books in the series (The Eyre Affair and Lost in a Good Book) when I was living in Belleville, going to college. The covers, bright red and purple and bright blue and orange, respectively, caught my eye as I was looking around Chapters and when I read the description on the back cover it didn’t make any sense. So, of course, I bought them.

There are now seven books in the series, and Fforde has written three other books for adults as well (he’s also got a YA series on the go). I have read all of them many times (except for the newest one, The Women Who Died A Lot, which only came out a couple of months ago).

The whole Thursday Next series takes place in this alternate reality and in that reality books are actually important. You can also travel into books, which Thursday does, which is how Hamlet ends up as a character in Something Rotten. His response to Thursday’s world outside his play is what makes that book my favourite.

I am a Jasper Fforde evangelist. I encourage everyone I know to read his books. I think he’s hilarious. I will buy anything he writes. I’ve seen him speak three times.


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