Lately the kid has been all about what she wants and what is hers. I took her to pick out a toy to donate to kids in need at the Help Santa Toy Parade. When we got to the aisle with the dolls that she happens to love, and I explained that I wanted another kid to have the chance to love a baby like she does, she said “I want her to have that one,” pointing at Sleeping Beauty.

I thought it was finally a breakthrough.

And then, after I put the doll into our cart and started walking back through the store she had a complete meltdown. She didn’t want to give the doll away, she wanted to buy something for her. I continued hearing about it as we drove across the city to a play date.

At the parade I handed her the bag and asked if she would hand the toy to the firemen as he approached us and she started to cry. I gave it to him.

Over and over again I have told her that she is a very lucky girl, I have pointed out the toys she has and the bookshelf full of books. I have told her that some kids won’t have anything under their tree at Christmas unless we help.

Her response? “I don’t want them to have anything.”

Her reaction to every ‘no’ is “but I want…” over and over again. I try to explain that I heard her, and I understand what she wants, but the answer right now is no.

And as much as I know that she’s only two and this is probably just a selfish time that she’ll grow out of the way she’s reacting is hurting my heart.

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