My dear little girl, you’re almost 3 years old and I really can’t understand how time has gone by so quickly. I don’t even remember the last time I wrote a letter to you, but I’m sure everything has changed since then.

You talk so much and so well, you’re so curious and always active. You’re very tall, but you always have been. Right now we’ve got you enrolled in dance classes and skating lessons. You’re very tentative going in to your dance classes but when you join in you have fun. At your skating lessons you’re doing very, very well (when you try. You let go of Daddy’s hands and go toddle along.

We’ve been adjusting these past few months, you and me. You tell me that you miss your daycare provider and I understand. You love her, why wouldn’t you miss her? But we manage to have some pretty good times together. We’re tough on each other.

Almost three years and I still can’t believe how much I love you.

We’ve been going out to play dates and it takes you some time, but you play with the other kids. Sometimes, though, I still find you off and quietly on your own. I know that you’re fine, and you’re content, but I love seeing you interact with other kids and let loose and have some fun. You’re like me, you think too much and keep to yourself.

You’ve become very demanding. You see pictures in magazine and you ask to buy what you’re seeing. When we go to stores you always find things you want me to buy for you. You don’t take no very well, and you tell me that you don’t like sharing. It’s hard. I know you’re a nice, sweet girl and I believe that this is a phase that you will grow out of, but it’s hard to watch. You don’t have empathy.

You still love being outside, playing at the park, and you’re getting so strong. You can grab hold and climb. At the park you almost seem fearless.

At home you dote on your baby dolls and your stuffed dogs (Daphne 1 and Daphne 2). Every morning one of the first things you ask me is if we can do a craft. You’re current favourite show is Dora and you’ve become convinced that you can speak Spanish. I’m teaching you how to count to ten (which I learned from Sesame Street). I wish you were showing as much interest in French.

You have changed so much so quickly and I’m so excited to see what the new year brings.

You and me, kid.

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