We have been blessed this week with some beautiful, warm days full of sunshine. We’ve spent some of that time running around in our backyard, opened the windows.

The other I was sitting on a bench at the park near out house. The whole neighbourhood was peaceful and quiet. The kid was running around climbing things, swinging, all with a great big smile. As I watched her it occurred to me how lucky we are. I get to do this. I get to decide in the middle of the afternoon that the sun is out and I want to take my kid to the park and just up and do it.

As I was sitting on that bench I called out to her. I told her that I promised that every day that was like this – every day that was beautiful and sunny and warm – we would go and play outside. We would pick and park and go, or play in the backyard together. I promised that we would not miss a day.

Of course, once the snow flies we will still play outside. We will dress ourselves up in our warmest clothes and make snowmen and take out the sled and throw ourselves around in it and have hot chocolate in front of the fireplace when we get home.

But for now I want to be able to pull on a sweater and grab a pair of shoes and take the dog without worrying that he’ll get cold and we’ll have to cut it short.

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