We were blessed this week to have beautiful, record breaking weather on Monday. I took the opportunity to run around the backyard with the kid and the dog.

C’mon Henry

My kid is an outdoors kind of kid. She loves running in the grass, she loves flowers and trees. She loves helping Daddy shovel and helping Grandma garden. She still talks about helping Grandpa pick apples while we were in BC.

I love being outside with her when the weather is nice and we can fill our lungs with fresh air. I love being outside with her playing in the snow. There’s something about the in-between stage that just isn’t as nice.

 When I get to play outside with her – run around with her, push her on the swings, climb the structure at the park and catch her at the end of the slide – it reminds me of the things I used to be. I used to be an outdoors person. I would dig in the dirt and climb trees and splash in puddles. I used to ride my bike around the neighbourhood, heading to the park or the canal or the dead-end where we would practice our tricks. There were times I lived outside.
I want to live outside with her.

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