I am not generally one to worry about a mess. I let the kid make a mess as long as we can get it cleaned up, and she’s generally very good at helping. Not long ago I went to the dollar store and bought all sorts of  knickknacks for her to glue and colour and craft with.

As open as I may be to a bit of clean up, I still get a little anxious every time she paints. I spread out a plastic cloth and I try to keep everything contained, but paint just seems to get everywhere. Especially lately since she has been doing hand-prints. Her idea, not mine. I don’t like grabbing my daughter from behind and carrying her to the sink so she won’t touch anything on the way to wash her hands.

She can’t seem to paint anything without getting the paint on her hands and face, up her arms and sometimes on her clothes.

I love her paintings, but I try to stall every time she asked to paint.

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