This Remembrance Day, Prime Minister Stephen Harper paid his respects in Hong Kong, at a cemetery where more than 500 Canadians soldiers were buried. It is the second time he has been out of the country for Remembrance Day.

At the Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Memorial the Governor General will represent the state.

Is it fair to expect the Prime Minister to always be in Ottawa for the ceremony? In Ottawa where our veterans, those that are left from the Second World War, the new veterans coming home from Afghanistan that he sent off to war, all gather.

It’s not as though he doesn’t visit the troops at other times of the year. He faces them, he went to Afghanistan and met them, learned their names, saw what they had to go through there. Still, Remembrance Day is separate and important, a sign of respect.

Do you think the Prime Minister should honour our war dead at the official ceremony every year?


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