Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. The day we are to step back and remember the sacrifices of those who fought in the name of this country, and those who continue to defend us now.

From the old wars we are losing stories every day as the elderly leave us. From the new wars, a lot of men and women have come back to this country in recent years beaten and bruised, mentally and physically. We haven’t truly started to hear their stories yet.

Remembrance Day has always pained me, both because I was so touched by the history and because so many of my peers through high school truly couldn’t give a damn. I’m not sure how I’ll teach my daughter how to recognize her freedom and feel grateful for those with the willingness to fight for it.

Would I die for my country? I would, depending on the circumstances, but I would not be the first to volunteer. I take this day to thank those that have and those that put themselves in harm’s way.

Be safe and thank you.

(I also take Remembrance Day as a day to be thankful that my grandfather and his two brothers all returned safely from WWII. Together they represent Army, Air Force and Navy).

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