In advance of Remembrance Day, I’ve noticed people changing their profile pictures to pictures of men in uniform from their past. (I say men because I haven’t seen any women in uniform in my stream).

My grandfather served in the navy, fought in the Battle of the Atlantic and survived, but once the war ended he didn’t talk about it at all. Lately, as he’s getting older he’s been telling us more and taking more pride in being a veteran.

He enlisted when he was 19, leaving Queen’s University behind. He shouldn’t have been accepted because of the genetic condition which now has him limping and using a cane. But he was accepted, as were his two brothers, one in the army and one in the air force.

I don’t have a picture of my grandfather in uniform, though he did get married in his dress whites. A picture that I do have is one of my family. My family wouldn’t exist if my grandfather hadn’t come home from that war.

Photo by Sarah McConnell,

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