Remembrance Day is a day to mourn and to remember those who fought for the future we now have.

On November 11, we take a minute of silence at 11:11, the time of the armistice, to think about what has come before us, and maybe think about who we are now. Sadly, for the past few years this government has seemed to focus only on the veterans of the two so-called great wars. The veterans of the more recent campaigns, Afghanistan being the most obvious, are being ignored.

This government actually had to be forced to pay disability payments to some of our veterans by the Federal Court.

Disabled veterans had to take the government to court to get the payments they desperately needed. That disgusts me.

These men and women are coming back with injuries – both mental and physical – and the government that sent them overseas is refusing to acknowledge what’s happened to them. The Veterans’ Review and Appeal Board treats them as liars and weaklings.

This Remembrance Day I will pause to remember those who, like my grandfather and his two brothers, fought for this country with pride and I will send courage to those who are being mistreated by their own government.

A government that won’t even help to bury them.

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