I’m a word person. I grew up in a word household. My family? We’re readers. We’re writers.

I love words. I use them every day – lots of them in November when I’m working my way through NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. I find that I’m settling in to a lot of pet peeves when it comes to language and the way it’s used.

I have developed a habit of yelling at the TV or radio.

Well, no, that’s not fair, I’ve been yelling at the TV for a long time, whether at ref or hockey plays (Shoot!) or interviewees that are not entirely telling the truth.

But lately I have been speaking up to correct news reporters who say ‘past history’ (oh, were we thinking it was future history?) or 6 am this morning (hey, guess what am means?).

Fewer and less has been my biggest annoyance lately. And I have been known to stop reading something if there’s a than that should be a then or vice versa.

I also find myself reacting to language differently as the parent of a daughter. Specifically, I hate hearing someone call my daughter a ‘nice girl.’

‘Nice girl’ brings up all those things that girls are supposed to be – sugar and spice and all that. I hear in my head ‘nice girls don’t…’ and I don’t like it. She is a little girl who does nice things and good things and smart things.

I want her to be who she is and not follow some antiquated rules about what a ‘nice girl’ does and doesn’t do.

I’d rather she be a happy kid than a nice girl.

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