I live in Canada, so it really doesn’t matter what I think about the two candidates in the US election, but I do have rather strong feelings about Mitt Romney.

I am terrified of him.

I don’t trust him, I don’t like him, and I think he is completely removed from the reality of most people in the United States.

He actually believed that middle class Americans have a household income of $200,000. He doesn’t support FEMA until he gets flack for that stance. He and his compatriots want to take women’s rights back into the 1900s.

He’s a liar, that’s clear, but most politicians are more than willing to bend the truth – I assume President Obama has done it plenty of times himself – but he’s a liar who mistreats his dog.

I haven’t been watching too closely, though I have tuned in to a couple of debates, but it seems to me that Mitt and his running mate have been lying about things that shouldn’t really matter (marathon time?) so why on earth would voters trust them on the larger issues?

Good luck America.

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