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The Gift

November 4th, 2012 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife | Parenting

As the kid gets older there is a good chance that this blog will turn into a chronicle of a whole new set of challenges.

We have suspected for a while now that the kid may be advanced. She’s shown signs of being a bit different and she’s always right on top of the developmental markers that I get an email about every time she hits a milestone. Her language skills are very strong and her memory is incredible.

One day we were talking about the high chair she has at home. I told her “It’s like a booster seat that you get in a restaurant but it’s a bit more sturdy.”

She replied “oh, it’s sturdier.”

I turned to my mother and asked if that had really just happened.

She sits with her dolls and teaches them. She ends her sentences with a question mark so they fill in the blank. She tells them stories at night – stories and nursery rhymes she remembers off the top of her head.

She can name a whole rainbow of colours, do her ABCs, count to 16 (if you ignore the fact that she skips 13). She’s been able to do these things for a while.

Recently she was able to write her name.

When we drove up to a Shoppers Drug Mart she said ‘S… H… O… R… R…” and started trying to sound it out. (Not sure why she thought the Ps were Rs, but I digress).

She’s not even 3.

I mentioned some of the things she’s able to do to our doctor at a recent appointment and she started telling me about resources and gifted programs we should start looking into.

Joe’s mother has warned us that we’ve got challenges ahead in terms of keeping her engaged at school and making sure she’s getting what she needs. He was gifted.

 We have time. We have more than a year to figure out how to do what’s best for her, to work on her emotional development so it matches her mental development.
We have time, but oh what this kid is going to throw at us.

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