My kid is not a fussy kid. We did baby-led weaning and she’s always been a great eater. She would try anything we put in front of her. She loves fruit, yogurt, vegetables. Her daycare provider was Lebanese and cooked lunch for them every day and you can’t keep hummus around her any more.

She’s always been a great eater, until recently. Lately she picks and she refuses and this week she called dinner – a casserole that she’s happily eaten in the past – yucky. Ask her what she wants for lunch any day and the answer is spaghetti. She wants ketchup on everything.

I know this is totally normal for a kid her age, but it’s a whole new world for us.

I suspected this day was coming. In fact, I’m somewhat surprised it didn’t come sooner. I have no idea how long this stage will last and I know that as long as she stays healthy we’re good. She still takes her vitamins.

Still, putting together a dinner I was really too tired to make and having it refused for a peanut butter sandwich? Kind of sucks.


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