For the last two nights, bedtime has been a three hour plus marathon of crying and requests and “I need to ask you something…”

Bed time has been a struggle with the kid off and on since she was born. We got a rhythm once and it was so smooth for a while.¬†And now every night seems like another test for me. (Especially the one or two nights a week that my husband is away on business, and the worst nights always seem to be when he’s busy into the evening or in a different time zone).

Last night was three hours so today I took things more slowly. We talked, we did an activity together, she had a bath and sat on the potty, she had her snack and we read three stories. I said goodnight.

And the next three hours was a battle – she wanted another snack, she wanted to go on the potty, she needed another blanket or a different toy. Three hours of me getting irritated and trying not to show her that it was happening. Trying not to rush her on the potty while getting annoyed.

My kid, we usually put her to bed early because she wakes up early. She wakes anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30, sometimes as late as 7. She doesn’t nap. She hasn’t napped since she was just under a year old. Our solution to the lack of napping and the early waking was to put her to bed around 5:30 or 6 pm. Now she’s waking early, she’s not napping and we’re starting bedtime at 6 and she’s not going to sleep until after 9.

She’s been a challenge to deal with all over the place lately. She fights at meals, she draws on walls, she continues doing whatever it is that I’ve just asked her to stop doing. The answer is always ‘but I want to.’ Last week she cut her hair. I thought I had a little more time before that happened.

I was a challenge for my mother, and my husband was a challenge for his mother. We earned this little girl. She’s a bright star – so smart – but she’s got attitude. She’s going to be a strong, brave, proud woman, but she’s a hell of a toddler.

She’s unstoppable.

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