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October 26th, 2012 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

Here in Ottawa, as in most parts of Canada, we have quite the weather. Last year it seems that school buses were cancelled almost once a week during the winter because of freezing rain. Taking the bus in to work can be an interesting experience in the winter months. Freezing winds, snowstorms, freezing rain, ice.

Getting up in the dark and walking through the freezing cold to get the bus, going to work in an office with no windows, it wore me down. The winter was part of my getting burned out. The commute, the missing time with my daughter.

I made a pitch to my bosses, asking them to allow me to work part time from home. They said no. It was my last attempt to stay in that job with that team. That made the decision for me.

The right to work from home, telecommuting, seems like something that employers in Canada need to take another look at. Happier employees that, thanks to technology, can have full access to files and databases, can be more productive, healthier. Studies show that people who work from home might actually work longer hours.

What I’ve found since I left my job is that there are few or no resources for me to connect with companies that are willing to hire me as a telecommuter. There are few or no resources for me to connect with other people who work from home. I need connections and ideas and resources.

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