My kid is smart. She’s always been one step ahead. She reminds her grandmother of her daddy who was gifted. She is so smart and such a great thinker (and so tall) that sometimes it’s easy to forget she’s not even 3 years old.

When we enrolled her in preschool she was excited. She loves learning and she was excited to be a big kid. She went once a week. Her first day was great, her second day was fine, then on the third week we were told that she started crying in the middle of the morning, and the same thing happened the fourth week.

Last week, the fifth week, she woke up telling me she didn’t want to go to preschool and she cried and cried.

I’ve been getting the impression that she doesn’t really play with any of the other kids at preschool. That she does the crafts and circle time, but when it comes to playing she’s always on her own.

She’s so smart and so grown up in every way, except socially. They say gifted kids often prefer the company of adults, and this seems to be our situation.

This morning, the sixth week, I made the decision to just not take her in. We’re dropping out of preschool. (Actually, she’s following in my footsteps, I dropped out of preschool too).

I am declaring her not ready and setting our sights on trying again later.

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