The RCMP is investigating, Parliament is debating, but it’s all a little late for intervening in the brutal bullying Amanda Todd faced in her life.

This girl was berated from the time she was 12 and by the time she was 17 she felt totally worthless and never thought she would escape.

In a video the teenager describes the constant harassment, threats, and a physical assault offline. After she tried to kill herself she says people harassed her for not being dead. Now that she’s succeeded in dying there are still people online posting nasty, vulgar things about her.

This is the part I can’t wrap my head around. When you’ve been attacking this person over and over again and they kill themselves, which is what you were taunting them to do, even then you can’t let them be in peace?

Do we actually live in a world with so many people who push a person to death and then rejoice in it?

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