We’ve tried to be as gender neutral as we can with the kid. If anything, when buying her toys when she was younger I would lean towards the stereotypically male toys.

I wanted her to see that Mommy may be a girl and Daddy may be a boy, but we’re equals and we do the same jobs when they need doing.

Now that she’s going to preschool she’s told me more than once that she doesn’t want something because it’s not for girls. When she was about a year old we went to Sesame Street Live and I bought her a pennant that she’s had in her room ever since. Just a triangle with Big Bird, Elmo, Super Grover and Cookie Monster. Last week she asked her Daddy to take it down. Yesterday she found it under her dresser and told me that it’s a boy thing.

She couldn’t tell me why.

I have come to terms with all the stereotypically girly things that my daughter has started to love. She plays with baby dolls and pretends to be mommy, she has a princess costume and pink is her favourite colour. She is who she is and I love her, but I don’t know where this change of heart on some of the things she used to think were okay is coming from.

I can only assume that one day at preschool she tried to play with something and one of the other kids told her that was a boy toy. She already told me once that she was trying to go down the slide and one of the other kids told her no.

She’s still a bit of a daredevil. She’ll climb and run and fall like she always has, but no this idea has been planted that I hope won’t become too ingrained.

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