Justin Trudeau announced his intention to run for the federal Liberal leadership this week after a summer of saying no, then maybe.

Photo by Mohammad Jangda

Apparently Trudeau was getting a lot of pressure from other Liberals. It’s not surprising that there was pressure, Trudeau is the man they send in when they want to fill a room. He’s charming and fully bilingual, and after his eulogy for father Pierre Trudeau 12 years ago many people declared that he would be Prime Minister someday. At the time, of course, Justin wasn’t a politician.

He won his first election in Papineau in 2008 with 41 percent of the vote and was one of only 34 Liberals returned in 2011.

Already Dominic Leblanc has said that he will not be running and will instead support Trudeau.

Trudeau’s campaign slogan is ‘Be part of the change’ and it will be interesting to watch through the leadership campaign to see what Justin’s changes look like.


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