Teen Mom is now over. I started watching the show 16 and Pregnant when I was pregnant with my daughter, so I felt a bond with the girls, and I continued to watch them grow on Teen Mom, as frustrating as it was.

At the end of the series they had an episode where they looked back and talked about the whole journey. All four of these girls admitting that they didn’t know anything about contraceptives before they got pregnant. Maci said that she and her baby’s father Ryan never talked about birth control. Farrah’s mother taught her abstinence only, and her father was still teaching abstinence only even after her daughter was born. Yeah.

This leads me to things my daughter will learn from me, assuming she’s heterosexual:

1) My daughter has already been taught the proper names for her body parts. Last week she asked me what my breasts were and I told her and she asked where hers were.

2) I learned about all my options for birth control in high school health. I also learned about STDs. My daughter will get this education from me, from books, from websites. I will try to keep up to date on new information so I can be sure that we know what’s going on at the moment.

3) I will try to instill in my daughter the idea that if you are not comfortable enough with this boy to talk about birth control then you should not be comfortable having sex with him.

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