I’ve said it before – Twitter changed my life. I used it to form bonds with other mothers when I needed them most. We found our financial advisor, our mortgage broker and our mortgage lawyer on Twitter. Since 2008 I have used Twitter to connect with new friends, I’ve used it for work, I’ve found new services, I’ve learned about events. It’s where I go first.

This morning I went to a networking event. It was a bit difficult for me because you go into a room and assume that everyone knows someone else. As it turned out there were a lot of new people there, I had some good conversations and learned about some businesses and services.

So I got home, I signed on to my computer and I went to form some new online connections. I found a couple of people on LinkedIn and a couple on Twitter, but one business isn’t on Twitter.

I find myself a lot more confused than I really should have been. I bookmarked the web page, and that was it. I want to connect, I want to learn more, but all I can do is read through their web page.

It’s so strange to realize how much my life has become who I tweet with. Now I sit here wondering if I’ll remember about this local business and what I found interesting about them and check back on that bookmark.

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