I have been wearing glasses since I was 12. Joe has been wearing his glasses even longer. My whole family wears glasses, most of his family wears glasses.

Photo bombed

I put a bet down on our daughter wearing glasses by the time she’s 10.

Knowing my family history I decided to take the kid to the eye doctor. I was due for a check-up, which I was reminded of when my mother had her own appointment, and the kid is covered under OHIP. She’s going to be dealing with eye doctors for the rest if her life, so I thought an early introduction would be good for her.

I had no idea what to expect from either my daughter or the optometrist but I was hoping for the best.

I came out of that appointment impressed with my doctor and very proud of my kid.

The tests were full of colours and pictures and cute little glasses with flip up covers so each eye could be tested. The letters on the charts were transformed into symbols and the optometrist made sure she could identify each of them before asking her to name them in the test.

She was an excellent patient and we have now set a baseline that her optometrist can follow up on as the years go by.

Next week: The dentist.



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