In May I left my job in politics, returning home to care for my daughter and recover from four years working in a very tough industry.

Politics is totally exhausting, every day is a new fight. Some fights are longer and harder than others.

Today, the third day after the House returned for the fall session, I know about a few of the things going on, I know that there are more things I should know more about. The trouble is I’m outside of it now. I’m here, living day to day, figuring out work and bills and taking care of my family and it’s hard to keep up. It’s very hard to keep up. I was inside it all and now I’m decidedly outside.

No wonder so many Canadians just give up, take things as they are presented, vote or don’t. No wonder.

This Conservative government uses that. They manipulate the truth, they fudge, they present things in one specific way and then repeat their message over and over (and over and over). They make things sound simple, and that makes it easier for so many people.

The trouble is, many of those people that don’t have the time or energy for anything but face value are the same people that would benefit from putting up a fight.

Canadians are losing and the fight needs to happen. So many little changes that will result in big problems. So much focus on the present when we need to focus on the future.

How do you teach the need to listen?

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