Every once in a while I catch just a glimpse of myself in my kid. It’s interesting and worrisome for me, given the problems I’ve had with confidence and depression in the past.

Today she went to preschool and when we picked her up and asked about her day she didn’t have much to say. We asked about her snack and playing with other kids and circle time and she didn’t seem interested in answering.

We went about our day, she watched a movie with Grandma while I went to an appointment, we went out to play for a bit, and then I was giving her a bath, out of nowhere: “I like the teachers.”

I guess she needed a little while to mull it over. She also sang a song that she learned in circle time – something about a frog.

It’s one of the reasons I love just sitting back to watch her. You can realize all of a sudden that she’s been thinking about something – something you might not even remember talking about.

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