I’m sure everyone has those moments where you feel all of the fight leave your body. Today was my day.

I’ve been learning lately that parenting a 3 year old (even though she’s still a few months away from actually being three) is like being in the army. She spend every day trying to break me down.

Screw the terrible twos. Two was nothing. Two was easy. She was a sweetheart 98 percent of the time. For the past week she’s been a demon child who is rude, doesn’t listen, kicks, hits and bites, and generally makes life difficult for those of us who love her dearly despite all of it.

And she knows just when to turn on the charm too. She could be a super villain. You’re tired, you don’t want to read another bedtime story or stay in her room until she falls asleep – especially after the amount of yelling and screaming you’ve suffered through – and when you ask her why (WHY!?!) she wants you to stay with her, she says “because I want someone very, very special in here.”

That’s just playing dirty.

I love my kid, I would do anything for her, I love her no matter her current incarnation, but dammit this would be easier if she couldn’t control my every emotion.


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