When were we away on Vancouver Island we spent one day in Victoria (minus airport time). We saw the legislature and walked around the harbour and walked down Government Street where we found all the wonderful shops that tourists look for.

One of the places we stopped was Munro’s Books and I’m still thinking about it. I love a good bookstore, but the reason that this one is standing out in my mind is the kid’s section. It is set up with gathered books on small shelves with their covers facing out. There are little notes about bestsellers, there are racks of those books with TV characters, there is a small table where the kid played with Daddy while I browse.

It struck me as an odd way to organize a bookstore when I walked in – but then I started noticing book after book after book. The covers showed me cute characters and interesting titles in a way that the normal setting never does. I left the store with three great books that I enjoy reading and the kid enjoys listening to. Three books that I picked up because of their covers that I never would have seen anywhere else. (And one that my mother, children’s lit scholar, is raving about).

I want to go back and discover more and I highly recommend other parents stop there if you’re in Victoria.

(I’m not getting any kind of compensation for this post, I just really love a great book store).

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