Before we were parents Saturday mornings used to be one of my favourite times. We would sleep until we woke up naturally, lie in bed together talking about our plans for the day. We would laugh together. We would just hang out until one of us decided it was time to get up and get dressed. It was leisurely.

It is possibly one of the things I miss the most. One day to sleep in without worry or guilt. Guaranteed time spent together instead of switching off naps.

We were a partnership, a team. We were unbeatable in Trivial Pursuit.

Five years ago next month we got married.

The engagement ring he gave said he would protect me forever, and he will. I am so very, very lucky.

But almost three years ago we added this third element.

Who me?

She’s absolutely wonderful and I wouldn’t give her up for a minute. I miss her when she’s gone. She adds something to our lives every day.

But man oh man.

There are times when it feels less like a team and more of an ongoing battle between the three of us – what she wants and how each of us wants to handle that.

Today it was pouring rain all day. It was dark out and we had a rough night last night – she didn’t sleep until almost 10 and woke up again around 1 am. Today all I really wanted to do was hang out in bed with my husband talking, watching TV and falling asleep periodically. Today was one of those days when I just really missed us.

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