My kid has been going on the potty for a while now.

She just hasn’t done it with any consistency. At all.

She says she’ll start using the potty when it’s time for pre-school, but since I’d like her to be ready for pre-school before it actually starts, I’m trying to figure out what might move her along.

Yesterday I made a deal with her. While we were doing a diaper change I told her that when the current box of diapers is empty that she will need to start using the potty. I talked to her about it a few times during the day and she said okay. At bedtime she asked me if the box was empty yet, and I said not quite, but I asked her if she wanted to try and use the potty before bedtime.

She said she wanted to wear a nighttime pull up diaper, and that she would sit on the potty before bed.


She got on the potty, she seemed excited and she asked me to start reading one of the books we keep in the bathroom (this book, thank you @LaraWellman for handing it down). I was two pages in when she peed! I was so excited, and she was happy that I was excited and I remembered all the advice that you make a big deal when they’re successful.

And then I remembered this tweet that my husband re-tweeted a couple of weeks ago:

Now, Jason Clermont is a former Saskatchewan Roughrider which makes him pretty popular in our house. The tweet included a picture of his daughter standing on top of a stool smiling, happy with her accomplishment.

Joe re-tweeted this and then tweeted at me that maybe that’s something that would work for us. That all came back to me as I was celebrating on the bathroom floor.

I got her set up to brush her teeth, and I told her I would be right back. Then I ran around like a madwoman. I cut a circle out of construction paper and got a ribbon from my mother and presented the kid with her gold medal for peeing on the potty:

The smile on her face was awesome. She wore the medal to sleep (and then I snuck in and took it off her to prevent her choking, or at least my being awake all night worrying about her choking).

Thank you Jason Clermont, this might just be our strategy.

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