We went to the park for a play date today. The kid didn’t want to go. She was angry the whole drive there because she wanted to go somewhere else.

She was okay when we arrived and she played in the sand for a while. We were the first ones there but as our friends arrived she kept playing by herself, very close to me.

She climbed up on the structure and then called me to help get her down. She didn’t want to climb down herself or use the slide. She climbed up again and took a good look at the pole, then backed off and climbed back down. She climbed back up and:






Then she did it again and again, all with this huge smile on her face that said she was very proud of herself. She went up and slid down and went up and slid down. I was nearby when I heard a little boy ask her, as she arrived at the bottom once again, ‘weren’t you scared’ and my kid, she said ‘no.’

I hope she never loses her courage and her willingness to try. I hope she’ll always throw herself into things like that. I hope she’ll test her fear, and forget it once she throws herself in.

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