As I watched the comments flood the day of the launch I cried – a lot. I think any of us who were there for even a short period of time cried. He touched all these people and we were there and we helped in our own ways.

While I was working for Jack I went through history. Two election campaigns, including the NDP breakthrough, coalition talks and two prorogations, and a Harper majority which will change the country enormously.

I stood on the hill and watched the big screens during the residential schools apology and my heart filled with pride when Jack stood up to speak and I could hear that he was making the people around me happy.

I was there when Jack announced he was fighting another form of cancer, I was on the hill the day he died.

I got to be in the room and see him speak on more than one occasion, I got to shake his hand and have my picture taken with him.

He was that sort of special person that made you feel special just by talking to you. When he spoke you felt as though he knew what he was talking about. He raised passions.

Watching the messages I tweeted a comment about how special it was to have worked for the man who inspired all these thoughts and my friend @AnnBac9 said she’d been thinking about me all day, I replied that it was a privilege to have been a small part of it.

And it was.

I will honour Jack’s legacy by teaching my daughter that it is our duty to make sure everyone in society is taking care of, I will honour him by no longer wondering what could have happened, but focussing on moving forward.

I will do my best to remind myself every day that I need to have love, hope and optimism in my life.

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